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About Hooray for Neigh!

young girl on a pony

Why am I doing this?

My first word was "why" and my second word was "horse." My late mother said I was born horse crazy. I spent every second I could around horses from the time I could crawl. Every time I saw a horse I'd excitedly point and say "Hooray for neigh!"

Over the years, I had the good fortune of riding, owning, leasing, and caring for many horses (and a few mules and donkeys!) and have always wanted to know why some things are the way they are. No one could really give me answers that satisfied my insatiable curiosity.

After a break from horses to raise my son and recover from a serious car accident that left me disabled, I adopted three wonderful horses. Each of them gave me a reason to ask why. 

Why does she have these white hairs on her face in a pattern? Why does he freak out over a bit and completely explode? Why does he chew a bit like a beaver with a log?

And so, after many conversations with my equine veterinarian, I started studying bit and bridle fit and got the answers to those three questions and many more. I realized it was worth becoming a professional and helping other horses after I saw my own horses transform. 

To date, I've invested over 2,200 hours in my bit and bridle (and bit-free!) fitting education and certifications, not including field hours and case studies. I'm nearing completion in a bit-free fitting advanced diploma program. I am the first, and so far only, person in the United States to attempt this certification.

I hold multiple certifications and am a member of the International Society for Equitation Science and the Equine Science Society. I'm a course provider on Equine Partnership and my courses are in various stages of production now. I've had several people ask me why I've taken on so many certifications and the answer is there is just so much to know and no course I've taken so far has contained the same knowledge.

I look forward to helping you and your horse find better comfort and better performance!

Our Vision

Our vision is to see all equines in comfortable, properly fitted bits, bridles, bitless bridles, and halters. To see riders, trainers, and other equine professionals educated on how to recognize when fit may be an issue. To see prospective horse owners adopting equines fully informed and prepared for what they're taking on. To see equine businesses (and all businesses) offer digitaly accessible websites, online classes and be responsive when a client says they've found a barrier. In short, we want to see equines and their humans happy and with equitable access.

​We offer bit, bitless, and bridle and halter fitting services, informational sessions and clinics, equine adoption consulting, digital accessibility services, and the occasional product. We will be offering learning opportunities in the future. 

We just want it all, for horses and their humans.

Image by Jon Tyson
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