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Why are all the buttons on your site round? A musing...

Since my website wen't live, the most frequently asked question hasn't been about my pricing or my schooling or about a particular bit, it's been about my buttons for booking. "Why are they all round?" The short answer is because it's my site and I like them that way. The longer answer is below. I remember telling my mother once, when I was about 7 years old, that I couldn't think outside the box because I don't fit in a box. It's funny how the things we say as kids stay with us. As a person on the ASD spectrum, I think it's fitting (haha, I'm a bit and bridle fitter!) I'm still not capable of thinking outside the box because I still don't fit in a box. And I gave up on fitting in a box years ago. I think in circles, in ellipses, and flow charts. There is no box in my brain! I can't speak for every person on the ASD spectrum nor would I try, but for me, this is emblematic of being as I am. I don't see colors the same as many people, in fact I see shades and hues most people don't. Just ask my husband, who sees fuchsia as purple, despite my pleadings that it's more of a hot pink and sees only grey where I see the green undertones or the blue undertones or the red or yellow undertones and even sometimes the purple undertones, and on and on. I get so hung up on details as to seem crazed to most people who aren't wired like me. And that is where my differently wired brain makes me good at many things. It also makes me sit up late musing on why I don't like boxy things. I also don't find hard corners aesthetically pleasing. Maybe that's why I still struggle with the dressage box. So there you have it, my aversion to box shaped things. I'd make a terrible cat.

Thank you to everyone who has asked me questions, even this one.

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