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Bay horse with ear bonnet that says sit back on the left ear and enjoy the ride on the right ear

Fit Happens!

for happy horses

Why are we doing this?

My second word when I started speaking was "HORSE!" It should surprise no one that I am where I am today.

Bit and Bridle fit services

Why does every horse need a bit and bridle professionally fitted?

Many "behavioral" and performance issues can be helped or completely stopped with a correctly fitting bit and bridle. Professional bit and bridle fitting is relatively new to the US, but has been a practice in other countries for some time. There are many reasons to seek a consultation with a professional bit and bridle fitter, including bitless bridles. Not every horse should be bitted for a variety of reasons and not every horse should go bitless. We work with the horse in front of us and will always advise in the best interest of the horse and also the rider. 

The below quote from Dr. James Cooling sums it all up nicely:

"A comfortable and happy horse is something all owners and trainers are aiming for. We know that feeding, management and training all play a big part together with correctly fitting tack. Saddle fit has long been a focus of attention and now thankfully bridle fit and bitting is seen as being just as important and can have a huge impact of your horse’s well-being and performance.


As horse owners and professionals learn more about equine biomechanics and anatomy it’s becoming clear the huge influence the correct bit and bridle can affect your horse’s way of going. No longer is it simply a case of checking that the bit is sitting in the correct position in your horse’s mouth. There are so many other factors to consider and this is where seeking the professional help of a bitting and bridle consultant is key to unlocking your horse's performance.


Just like your farrier, physio, and other members of your horse’s support team they play an integral part in ensuring your horse is comfortable and helping to create that harmonious partnership between you and your horse." - source: Horses Inside Out

Many horses are labeled as having “behavior issues” or “lameness” when they are simply being asked to go around in a bit and bridle or bitless bridle that doesn’t fit them correctly or is anatomically inappropriate for them. That has a downstream impact to the entire body and is manifested as biomechanical dysfunction and pain responses, which are often interpreted as behavior issues. Think of how you would perform if you were wearing shoes two sizes too small, carrying someone on your back, while running a 5K. Chances are high you'd be rather grumpy about it. 

We welcome all disciplines and all levels of experience to our fitting practice. We are independent, meaning we are not brand reps contractually obligated to a sales quota. We do not carry an inventory of bits, bridles, or halters for purchase. We do have a very limited stock of bridles and bridle parts for use during fitting consultations. We do not carry trial bits at this time due to concerns with communicable equine diseases. Our focus is on achieving the best possible fit for your horse. We are pleased to be an approved fitter for several high end brands without high end prices. 

We have a lot more to say about this, but wanted to keep it brief for the sake of introduction. We are building a library of scholarly and other articles for you to browse. 

Horses in transition - helping stop failed adoptions

After a lifetime of loving horses and owning, leasing, and caring for many, we returned to the horse life. Time had to be taken to raise a very special son and recover from a life altering car accident. When we were finally ready to be horse parents again, we felt called to adopt. As fate would have it, we went to a rescue to meet one horse and adopted two. We couldn't bear the thought of separating a deeply bonded pair. And a year later, we adopted our third, who'd had a lot of injustices and was nearly lost to slaughter. Our three each have amazing stories. We were fortunate to have a series of fortuitous events that allowed us to find out exactly who they are and where they came from. We learned a lot, most of it the hard way. We loved, we laughed, we cried, and even got a few new scars. We became very involved in advocating for equines in transition, often called rescue horses, and saw many adoption failures. We did a lot of research, asked a lot of professionals a lot of questions, and saw a lot of absolutely heartbreaking situations. The thing about an equine is you can't just put them in the car and take them to the pound if things aren't working out. It's far more complicated, and tends to end poorly for the equine. We decided we needed to help others avoid some common mis-steps and help horses find forever homes. If you are considering adopting an equine, we'd love to help you prepare. Book a session with us and after we meet, you'll receive our e-book to keep as a guide.

About our other passion - Digital Accessibility

According to the CDC, 13% of the US population has a disability. This includes people with hearing, vision, cognitive, walking, self-care or independent living difficulties. Around 8% of equestrians have some form of disability. Digital accessibility allows people with disabilities equitable access to the internet, emails, and other digital facilities. If you run an equestrian business and haven't built in digital accessibility, you are missing some customers and clients. Did you know there is more to digital accessibility than closed captions and screen readers? We also provide digital accessibility consulting to equestrian and all other businesses. We're happy to help you make your web presence accessible to everyone. With over a decade in the field and a lifetime of experience as a disabled user, we are well positioned to help you reach more customers and ensure everyone has equitable access.

We'd love to hear from you!

If you're passionate about your unicorn being happy and comfortable and/or want assistance with making your business digitally accessible, select a service below.

We are organized as a non-profit. A portion of all proceeds from our service fees is used to fund various equine welfare initiatives. We also offer discounts on all our services to legally recognized non-profits. 

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We've made it as easy as possible to access our services and pay for them. We accept many payment methods, but we do not accept checks.

Tack Room with bridles and bits

Our Locations

Concord, North Carolina, USA

We're happy to provide our services on site in the Concord, NC and surrounding areas. 

Online, Anywhere, Planet Earth

Not near us geographically? No problem! We are pleased to provide our services virtually anywhere on planet Earth. We tried Mars, but they don't have horses.

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